Maritime Review Africa is busy finalising registration for the Maritime quiz tonight and note with disappointment that you are not on my guest list. As I try to overcome this, I am pondering what the barriers could be.


  1. COST: perhaps our ticket prices are too high? Well, if that’s the case, please use the promo code KEYWORKERS and you will receive a massive 50% discount on the ticket price. One barrier down.
  2. NERVES: perhaps you are worried about not knowing enough of the questions. Well let me assure you that you will be absolutely fine and it’s all multiple choice so you have a 25 % chance of getting every question right!
  3. TIME: perhaps you don’t have the time. Well it has been shown that we are able to make time for the things that are important to us. We believe that seafarers are important and equally so the NSRI – so please try make the time.
  4. JUST NOT INTERESTED: perhaps this is just not your thing? Well I get that, but think about all the cool prizes that you could win and step out your comfort zone for just 90 minutes.


BARRIERS BROKEN? I do hope so. Please enter now:


What are you waiting for? Earmark the wine and snacks for tonight and I look forward to seeing you later.