Marine Notices 1 to 8 of 2018

Click on the links below for Marine Notice No 1 to 8 of 2018:

  • mn-1-of-2018 Accredited Training Institutions and Programs
  • mn-2-of-2018 Approved Medical Practitioners
  • mn-3-of-2018 Application for the endorsement of a foreign Certificate of Competency
  • mn-4-of-2018 The Review of Incidents Resulting in Death in the South African Fishing Industry 2017
  • mn-5-of-2018 The ad-hoc inspections of South African flagged fishing vessels, 2017
  • mn-6-of-2018 Additional requirements for Class V and VI passenger vessels constructed from materials other than steel
  • mn-7-of-2018 Installation and commissioning of new coastal radio infrastructure equipment
  • mn-8-of-2018 Exemption for existing seafarers applying for Able Seafarer (Fishing)