• Society Of Masters Mariners South Africa

    Welcome to the camaraderie of the sea

  • Dedication, Experience & The Power To Act

    Our members employed ashore are well placed to provide a lookout for seafarers, identify and take action against anything deemed not in their professional interests

  • Belong & Contribute

    Branches of the Society meet regularly in several South African ports to foster fellowship as well as identify and address issues affecting our members and the profession

The authoritative voice of South Africa’s marine professionals

The Society of Masters Mariners South Africa was formed in 1940. Since then, the Society has been the only organisation that has represented the professional interests of South African Master Mariners, Deck Officers & Cadets and those carrying out shore-based employment by virtue of their sea-going experience & certification.

Belong & Contribute

  • Foster a spirit of fellowship, helpfulness and unity among Masters, Deck Officers & other certificated professionals ashore employed in associated professions
  • Protect and promote the professional interests of South African Masters, Pilots and Deck Officers
  • Promote safety at sea and the welfare of seafarers generally
  • Enable the service experience and advice of members of the Society to be made available to the Government of South Africa and other legally constituted authority
  • To institute or defend proceedings at Law as needed

Members Section

Currently, the Society has identified several issues adversely affecting our members these include:

  • Certificates of Competency (CoC) has been impacted by changes in maritime educational and examination systems.
  • The maritime industry’s technical expertise has been eroded by the sale of our national fleets to foreigners.
  • New laws, regulations and other measures that adversely impact the seafarer’s profession, employment, health and welfare.

Branches of the Society meet regularly to address these issues. More information in our members area or by contacting the Society directly.

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To promote and protect the professional interests of South African Shipmasters, Deck Officers and certificated personnel ashore employed in related marine professions,

To monitor and support maritime education and training,

To ensure the South African Government, its associated agencies and the maritime industry generally benefit from the collective expertise of the Society’s membership.

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The Creed is read out at the beginning of all Society meetings with all present upstanding:

“We undertake to foster a spirit of fellowship, helpfulness and unity among Master Mariners. To protect and promote the interests of mariners in the Republic of South Africa and to, at all times, uphold the brotherhood of the sea.”

New Members

Despite the Society’s name, membership is encouraged from a wide range of applicants and the following categories of membership are available:

MEMBERSHIP: Holders of Certificates of Competency as Master, Chief Mate, Skipper, Pilot and certain Naval Officers.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Holders of Certificates of Competency as Skipper, Deck Officer and certain Naval Officers.

AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP: Persons who wish to be associated with the activities of the Society and who have qualifications or experience conducive to furthering the objectives of the Society.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP: Persons undertaking a course of initial maritime education or training.